A combination of psychological and intuitive practices to assist with achieving goals. A client- centered approach that allows you to create your personal healing plan. Some modalities include: talk therapy, mindfulness, art, and somatic therapy.


A clinical therapy technique using hypnosis to break through subconscious patterns, laying the foundation for lasting change.  Regression Therapy is explored in this work, accessing earlier stages for insight and change limiting belief systems.                   Counseling session(s) are required prior to address needs/format.

Breathwork Therapy

A powerful approach to gaining self awareness. This method involves a focused   breathing exercise pattern that produces an altered state allowing for healing mental, emotional and physical states.         Counseling session(s) are required prior to address needs/format. 

Events 2023:                                                                                                            

Self Compassion Retreat                                                                                                              

In-Person events, dates to be determined soon!